Very recently, I saw an advertisement for a meal prepping company on pancake bowls. Another dish that you can really make your own and customize it to match your favorites! I am all for savory but some mornings, all I want is sweet. Enjoy this quick and easy waffle bowl recipe :)


- Dairy-free chocolate chips

- strawberries

- bananas

- gluten free waffles

- syrup


  1. First, wash and dry your strawberries. Cut them into small bits and slice banana into pieces.

  2. You can use homemade waffles or store bought gluten free waffles. For mine, I used store bought, but I'm sure homemade would be delicious depending on if you're in a hurry. Toast the waffles as directed.

  3. Once toasted, let waffle cool. After about a minute, cut waffle into small pieces.

  4. Place waffles, strawberries, bananas, + chocolate chips evenly throughout the bowl.

  5. Lastly, if you like warm syrup like I do, heat your syrup up and drizzle over top!

  6. Serve + enjoy! :)


Share with me what your perfect waffle bowl would be! I am interested in making more and looking for unique suggestions.

Thank you :)

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