The New 2021 Trend: Luxury Picnic Planning

Personally, being in the events industry, this is major exciting. People are adapting to what has come from the past year and a half and making it their own. Two luxury picnic planners went viral on TikTok allowing them to charge up to $3,000 for their service. The two lovely ladies, Jocelyn Chin and Coco Chan, co-founders of the Bay Area-based Picnic n' Chill, have made it big while getting noticed by Good Morning America. The two entrepreneurs are soaring with bookings and living their dream of picnic planning. I will always root for those who continuously strive to create especially in a worldwide pandemic. These two have started a trend nationwide! Some of the photos of their work are shown below.

Want to know what you need for your perfect luxury picnic? Check out my list of must-haves!

- Location: Find a place that you love & feel comfortable in, these are the best places to gather and surround yourself with loved ones!

- Food: In my personal opinion, I always strive for charcuterie because it's easy to share with many especially in a picnic setting. Most importantly, finger foods! Finger foods work out best due to less mess.

- Floral & Beauty: Everyone has a different definition of beauty. I love greenery & an aesthetically pleasing set up but make it your own! Only you will feel your best self at a picnic made just for you. This is the part where you get to show your creative skills!

- Blanket & Pillows: If you are anything like me, you must have a blanket or something to sit on when in the grass or beach to avoid sandy sandwiches. I love the earth but the earth doesn't always love me as I am allergic to grass but that doesn't stop me from having my dream picnic! You can use floor pillows, even just a large blanket, long benches will work best to place the food. Make it as fancy or subtle as you want.

And last but not least...

- The People: Make sure you don't forget to invite your picnic people! Always surround yourself with those you love and those who love you!

Enjoy :)

Hopefully, soon I will be having my perfect luxury picnic and I'll post a photo! Share with me your perfect picnic and what it entails!

Jocelyn Chin and Coco Chan's (Picnic 'n Chill Co-Founders) social media:

Picnic ' n Chill Instagram

Picnic ' n Chill Website

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