Those with allergies, especially severe ones, all have a common ground that it is hard to eat out when road tripping! I have the perfect thing for you that is easy to take on the go! Pasta salad is also one of my favorite dishes to make in the summertime and a great dish to bring to parties. It is nice because you can add whatever you want to make it to your liking. I would like to call my pasta salad ”famous“ but I haven’t been around long enough to claim that title just yet.


  • 1 box of gluten free pasta (I used Banza macaroni noodles; use whatever you like)

  • 1/2 of a ham (cut into chunks)

  • 1 cup dairy-free mozzarella, shredded or diced

  • 1 cup dairy-free American, shredded or diced

  • 1 bottle of zesty Italian dressing

  • 1 greenhouse cucumber, diced


  1. When making this dish, I feel it goes best when I cook the pasta the night before and refrigerate it. You can do whatever works best for you. Cook pasta as instructed. After place in gallon size freezer bag in the fridge until cold.

  2. Dice your cucumbers, cheese (if need be) and ham. Be sure when cutting up the ham, you cut off the skin as well as the cucumbers.

  3. After each ingredient cut up properly, get a large bowl. Pour pasta in first then starting drenching it in dressing. I then add the cheese, cucumbers, and ham while I continue to stir to create an equal amount everywhere.

  4. When done, store in the fridge or serve and enjoy :)

Sadly, my boyfriend Dallas has a coconut allergy. With that being said, a lot of dairy-free cheeses have coconut in them. Thankfully the brand Follow Your Heart does not. I used Follow Your Heart for both my American and Mozzarella. I would really suggest it as a dairy-free cheese brand, I enjoy it on many things other than this dish!

I would love to hear your favorite pasta salad recipe! What are some special ingredients that you add? If you liked this recipe, check out my homemade stuffed peppers!

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