As many may think, it is extremely hard to find the right gluten-free brands that make their stomachs' just as happy as they were before.

  1. Amy's Kitchen: Amy's prides itself in having several allergen-free meals! They have plenty of microwaveable meals to heat up on the go, healthy and delicious!

  2. Bfree: This allergen free brand is known for their breads. They have a variety of tortillas, sandwich breads, pizza crusts, dinner rolls, pita bread, and baguettes. Their website features what key ingredients they use in their products.

  3. Crunchmaster: Crunchmaster has several large and single serve packs for their cracker products. My favorite being the Olive Oil Sea Salt Tuscan Peasant Crackers. For more information, visit their website.

  4. DeLallo Gluten Free: For pasta lovers like me, DeLallo makes several gluten-free styles such as gnocchi, lasagna, penne, orzo, fusilli and spaghetti. For more on their "gluten-free guarantee" go to their website.

  5. Enjoy Life: As previously mentioned in my Dessert Charcuterie Bar, Enjoy Life is an awesome allergen free brand that states it on their products. They share recipes on their website as well, check it out.

  6. Food for Life: Food for Life makes products such as breads, english muffins, cereals, tortillas, pocket breads, buns, waffles + pasta. On their website, they have a dietary needs finder! This is super helpful for individuals who are unsure what the hidden gluten words are.

  7. Glutino: Glutino has the tagline "Forever Gluten Free" as they make that promise to all of their customers! You can find pretzels, crackers, cookies, wafers, english muffins, bars + baking mixes.

  8. Halo Top: Halo Top has a laundry list of ice creams that are gluten-free! If you do some more digging on their website, you will find some dairy-free options.

  9. Ian's: Ian's commitment to their customers is to present a safe meal free from common allergens and have no added hormones or antibiotics. I have only tried their chicken nuggets, panko breadcrumbs + onion rings. I cannot wait to try their Italian style meatballs! Such a delicious brand.

  10. J.K. Scrumpy's Organic Hard Cider: J.K. Scrumpy's is Dallas' favorite cider. Since we are both gluten-free, we have a huge love for ciders and trying new ones. I will never forget our first experience having it.

  11. King Arthur: Gluten-free flours + baking mixes and more are some of my favorites! I personally love their pancake mix and cornbread. There are so many more I am looking to try that I will keep you all updated on :)

  12. Luksusowa Clear: Luksusowa Clear is a polish vodka made from potatoes. It's very important that you check labels before drinking any liquor. Many liquors have been distilled in grains such as wheat, barley + rye. Those who have severe sensitivities and celiacs disease can really be damaged by something as small as this.

  13. Mott's: All flavors of Mott's Juice is gluten-free. I love apple juice more than your average child! It's also a good drink for those individuals with young kids.

  14. New Amsterdam: New Amsterdam is another gluten-free vodka brand. It is crafted with corn resulting in a gluten-free product. I truly enjoy New Amsterdam for fun cocktails.

  15. Organicville Ranch

  16. Pillsbury: Pillsbury has a few gluten-free products. If you're looking for cake, muffin, bread, or brownie mix that is similar to the kind you grew up on, check out Pillsbury's gluten-free mixes.

  17. Quaker: As mentioned in my Dessert Charcuterie post, my favorite snack is Caramel GF Quaker Rice crisps. They have delicious rice snacks, breakfast cereals, oats and mixes.

  18. Rumi's Passion: Rumi's Passion Bakery is located in Plymouth, Michigan. They are on the north side of five mile road between Northville and Haggerty road. Rumi's have so many bakery items available in gluten-free options!

  19. Schaer: Schaer is my one of my very favorite gluten-free brands. I have fallen in love with this brand based on their breads, bagels, and crackers. They also have pastas, pizza crusts, roles, crisp bread, sweet breads, pastas, snacks + more.

  20. Thai Kitchen: Thai Kitchen makes both thin rice noodles and gluten-free original pad Thai. I use these in a lot of my stir fry and pad Thai inspired dishes.

  21. Udi's Gluten Free: Another delicious brad, bun, rolls, tortilla and bagel brand! The bread itself is a bit on the smaller side. I don't mind it, but before you buy make sure you check it.

  22. Vans: Van's makes delicious breakfast foods that taste like gluten-filled treats. My absolute favorite being their waffles! They also make several snack bars and crackers. Try them yourself!

  23. Walden Farms: Walden Farms is home to many dressings, sauces, syrups, dips, creamers, spreads + more. As their website states, "No Calories, Fat, Carbs, Gluten or Sugars of any kind!"

  24. X: I have yet found a brand that starts with X. Challenge yourself this week to help me, so I can help others!

  25. Y: I have yet found a brand that starts with Y. Challenge yourself this week to help me, so I can help others!

  26. Zellee Organic: Zellee's are plant-based fruit jels with no added sugar! As a company, they are passionate about ending food insecurity and hunger. They are partnered with both Feeding America + Whole Plant Foundation who donate to food banks and alleviate poverty in the poorest parts of the world.

Share your favorite brands with me! :)

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