One of my favorite ways to enjoy a snack is with a charcuterie board! One night, my boyfriend, Dallas and I did a cook-off date night. I was in charge of dessert, Dallas was in charge of dinner and the appetizer. We ironically both created a charcuterie board for our appetizer and dessert. Photos will be below!


- Soft Baked Mini Cookies (snickerdoodle)

- Strawberries

- Peanut Butter

- Caramel Rice Crisps

- Marshmallows

- Sweet + Salty Popcorn

- Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips

- Gluten-Free Animal Crackers


  1. Grab a large cutting board or serving dish. Make sure any fruit you are using is washed, and sliced properly. When creating a charcuterie board, always start from the middle and build out. I first added the dairy-free chocolate chips heated up in a ramekin as well as the peanut butter jar.

  2. Start adding the snacks around the bowls. Create your own masterpiece of snacks!

  3. Serve and enjoy! :)

The picture above is Dallas' appetizer he made! My favorite combo was the ritz looking gluten-free crackers, with dairy-free cheese + jam! It was delicious :)


For this specific charcuterie board, I used several different gluten-free + dairy-free products that I can't wait to share with you.

First off, I used Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mega Chunks. These chocolate chips taste exactly like regular dairy filled chocolate chips but are completely allergen free. It is specified on the bag, which provides a lot of relief. Enjoy Life offers a wide variety of products that are absolutely delicious! See there website for more information, here.

For the snack portion, I used popcorn, animal crackers, mini cookies, and caramel crisps. The Boom Chicka Pop Sweet + Salty Kettle Corn is perfect for a savory and sweet snack. The animal crackers can be found in most gluten-free aisles, Glutino Gluten-free Animal Crackers. Your favorite childhood snack, is now made gluten-free. Just like the enjoy life mega chunks are said to be delicious, I also used Enjoy Life Soft Baked Mini Cookies Snickerdoodle. These are really soft and small cookies that come in many flavors of soft baked and crunchy cookies! Lastly, my favorite gluten-free snack ever are Quaker Caramel Rice Crisps. Warning: this snack does contain milk, so it is not dairy-free. I find that when I eat dairy in small bits at a time, or if it's not a key ingredient, it doesn't bother me as much.

What is your favorite charcuterie board combination of foods? Share with me in my Share Your Recipe tab! :)

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